Swallow Falls State Park


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6 mi north of Oakland, Swallow Falls State Park stretches 257 acres and contains some of Maryland's most breathtaking scenery and waterfalls including Tolliver Falls and, Maryland's highest waterfall at a crashing 53 feet, Muddy Creek Falls.

Visit parkreservations.maryland.gov or call 1.888.432.2267 for camping information

**PLEASE NOTE: Effective April 12, 2024 - Maryland State Parks announced that the main entrance road to Swallow Falls State Park is closed to vehicles until further notice due to an issue with the culvert at the bridge on the park entrance road. Parking is not permitted along the county road. Alternative options are listed below. The campground will remain closed until the road way is repaired.

Swallow Falls alternative entrance –
• 5.5 mi, 13+ min away
• Cranesville Rd to Maple Glade Rd
• single lane gravel road
• limited spots to pull off and turn around
• not recommended for cars or campers

Fisherman’s Trail –
• Head east from park entrance; drive across bridge over Youghiogheny River; small parking lot on the right >> cross the road to access the trail
• Views of 3 out of the 4 waterfalls in Swallow Falls State Park
o Limited parking (do not park along road)

For updates, please refer to the link above.
For further questions, please contact 301.334.9180.


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