FireFly Farms Creamery & Market


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About Us

FireFly Farms offers award-winning goat cheeses that feature the regional flavors of Maryland's Allegheny Plateau and other specialty food items. Come watch as we handcraft our cheeses!


Welcome to FireFly Farms Creamery & Market!
Our Market features our award-winning goat cheeses as well as other specialty, hand-selected items from the region and around the world.  You can also watch us make cheese through our viewing window!
FireFly Farms is dedicated to the art of cheese making. FireFly Farms' artisanal cheeses are made according to time-honored tradition; each piece is produced and ripened with handmade care.
We are located in downtown Accident, MD, on Main Street/US-219.
Make your reservation and join us for our tasting and pairing experiences, offered at 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm, Thursday through Saturday.
Allegheny Chevre is our most popular cheese.  This fresh, un-ripened goat's milk cheese is a traditional chevre -- crumbly in texture with a clean and tangy flavor.