Surveillance Operator



Responsible for maintaining close, continuous surveillance of all gaming areas and the entire property, in order to protect life and property at the casino.

  • Monitors all areas of the property at all times, identifying potential security and/or safety risks and reporting them to the appropriate individual or entity, for proper resolution.
  • Utilizes necessary equipment, to identify, record, document and report illegal, suspicious or unusual activities occurring on property.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of all rules and regulations of the Gaming Commission, and ensures strict adherence to same throughout the property.
  • Protects casino assets and gaming integrity, through the consistent, thorough monitoring of all activities on property, particularly on the gaming floor.
  • Completes a daily report.
  • Supports other employees, supervisors and management, with regard to protection of assets in their respective departments.
  • Coordinates, with the Security Department, when surveillance discovers a matter which needs further investigation or attention.
  • Facilitates the flow of information throughout the department, by attending regularly scheduled departmental meetings.
  • Held accountable for the accuracy and thoroughness of departmental records and reports.
  • Makes suggestions and recommendations, as appropriate, with regard to possible changes in the policies and procedures of other departments, with the protection of casino assets in mind.






High school diploma or general education degree (GED) preferred.


Knowledge of and experience with closed circuit television equipment preferred.  Must possess excellent observational and communication skills.  Must be able to detect schemes or cheating activity aimed at the casino or its guests.

This position requires a Gaming License.