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About Us

Eloqui is a local marketing and graphic design studio originally formed in 1984 by Mark & Laura Stutzman. As our studio in Washington D.C. grew so did the viability of working remotely. By 1989 it was time to movethe shop westward to the beauty and serenity of Garrett County, specifically Mtn. Lake Park. Since that time our client list has broadened to include our neighbors, local non-profits, and regional clients.

As the clients have become diverse, so have the services. Once solely an image and graphic design house, creating work for advertising, editorial, and promotion, in the millennium Eloqui provides website design, photography, video production, and marketing consultation. We also work with select clients to build online awareness using social media campaigns when time allows.

The advisory services we offer begin with meeting the client and a 45-minute consultation, free of charge. Clients can only know if we’re the right designers through this initial discussion where we offer suggestions that may sound logical and useful. The next step is getting down to the work. We work one project at a time and accept no retainers or advances.

Eloqui works extensively in print and is a print broker because of the volume of work we buy on our clients’ behalf. By passing the wholesale pricing on to clients we keep project costs down and encourage a more robust creative output. This way the budget isn’t as affected by printing costs.


Redesign of Mtn. Lake Park Historical Assoc. Museum & Billboard Design
Logo Design
The Deep Creek Brand Project
Portrait Photography
Newspaper Advertising
Print Advertising
Sigange Design
Display & Exhibits/Trade shows
Location/Commercial Photography
Branding & Indentity
Product Photography
Product Photography
Performance Photography
Logo Design
Logo Design