Backbone Food Farm



About Us

Diversified family farm using organic and regenerative farming practices since 1999 to raise healthy food and support community. We offer food through our CSA and at local farmers markets.

We share our 106-acre farm at the foot of Backbone Mountain with our animal partners that include chickens, draft horses, pigs, cows and ducks. Strictly sustainable and organic methods are used to raise fresh, healthy safe-to-eat food. We also raise organic Medicinal CBD Hemp under our sister company, Backbone Hemp.

We realize the challenge of eating well given the choices of today’s global market. Chemical pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs and thousands of miles can come between you and a decent head of lettuce. We want to offer a local alternative at an affordable price. Fresh vegetables and herbs of many varieties, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, and pastured pork are all part of our offerings. To nurture the spirit, we raise cut flowers and offer pick your own for weddings!

Because we believe the children are the key to a better future, call to talk to us about special on-the-farm educational programs.


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